Rebuilds and Repairs
· Replace all seals and shims
· Fire Damage Rebuilds
· Crash Damage
· We can come up with options for off brand shocks that can't be worked on anywhere else.

· Work with racer to develop valving to fit there driving style
· Work with engineers to develop valving to get numbers and certain graph lines they want

Dyno Work
· Spectrums
· Matching

Spring Testing
· Test standard racing springs at every 0.25” to check for linear compression numbers
· Progressive Spring testing

SCCA Spec Damper Rebuilds
· Authorized to rebuild and seal Spec Penske Dampers for the SCCA Enterprises

Trackside Services
· Repairs
- Full stock of hard parts and seals, never go home because of a broken shock
· Revalves
- Revalve in between sessions, go out and try it
· Dyno Work
· Spring Testing

Engineering and Chassis Setup
· Over 40 years experience in the racing business
- Race Prep Shop
- Team Ownership
- Engine Building
- Race Team Head Engineer/ Crew Chief
· Phones are always on for setup help


Race Shock Rebuilding and Tuning
We can replace and rebuild your shocks, including revalving. We can also find a way to rebuild almost any shock out there.
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Trackside Services
We can make repairs onsite, with a full stock of hard parts and seals. We can revalve you in between sessions.
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Engineering and Chassis Setup
Over 40 years of experience in the racing business, our phones are always on for setup help.
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Phone: (516) 671 9715
Fax: (516) 671 1449